Why Us?

Quality Control Guaranteed


Our reputation for exceeding the highest quality standards in precision parts machining is precisely why our customers choose us, and choose to stay with us.

Advanced Industries, Inc. complies with the highest quality, traceability and documentation standards required of the most demanding industries.

Our first customer is still our customer today because of the quality they get part after part, year after year. You can rest assure that your parts will be manufactured with the same degree of care and concern that you would exercise if you made the parts yourself.



Advanced Industries is proud of its modern facilities and equipment. Machining intricate high-precision, close tolerance parts on sophisticated CNC metalworking machinery is best performed in a clean and temperature controlled environment.

Our facility located in south eastern Michigan is both air conditioned and air filtered. Our employees take pride in a quality work environment and recognize the importance of taking care of our precision machining equipment.

We are often recognized by our customers for our clean and organized facility. Our efficient and organized use of floor space allows for the most cost effective rate of productivity and delivery.



We are able to manufacture the most complex components.

With some of the best equipment, technology, and people in the industry today; we are capable of successfully producing very difficult parts that require strict tolerances and technical proficiency in an extremely efficient way.

Fast Turnaround


Our state-of-the-art equipment, skilled machinists, optimized processes and real time scheduling software allow us to deliver projects with amazing speed.

Proudly Made in the USA


In a time when most products are being made abroad, at Advanced Industries we are very proud that we continue to manufacture high-quality parts here in the USA.

We strongly believe that with our resourcefulness and dedication, we can remain competitive not only nationally but also globally.

CAD/CAM capability


Many parts of the production process are guided by our Gibbs Cam 3D CAD/CAM software which assures precise reproduction of intricate geometries.

Seamless integration with our customer’s CAD Systems allows us to import solid models; which increases accuracy and efficiency.

Whatever CAD format that you prefer to use we can read or open directly and accurately so that we can quickly modify part models for machinability.

With accurate machine simulation we can prevent costly errors at the machine and greatly reduce on-machine prove-out.

This allows for higher accuracy and reliability while spending less time testing and proving programs.

With faster cycle times and higher precision we are able to keep costs down and our customers happy.

Wide Range of Materials


At Advanced Industries we produce components made of many different types of materials. This allows us to meet the specialized needs of customers in a long list of industries.

Our metallurgical expertise allows us to manufacture parts made of just about any material you require.

We are very familiar with the various types of heat treating and coating options available and the necessary process engineering to meet the goals of our customers.

This often times results in us working with our customer’s design and engineering team to help design the part for optimal manufacturing and to help reduce costs and improve the integrity of the part’s function.

If your parts and components are failing because of improper material type, we will offer our expert advice to help get your operation back up and running smoothly.

We know that knowledge is power, and this keeps us ahead of the game.

Long Term Relationships


We look to develop long-term relationships with our customers. We look at the big picture.

By not viewing each project separately we are able to provide ourselves and our customer gains towards a sustainable future.

At Advanced Industries we are committed to our customers and believe the best approach is one founded on honesty and integrity.

Our focus is on achieving absolute customer satisfaction.

How do we measure this? Through customer retention, customer surveys and referrals.

We go beyond meeting your current needs by building lasting relationships with our clients, a reason our business has grown primarily through customer referrals.

“Making Parts and Partnerships Since 1991”

Our Investment in Technology


Advanced Industries invests heavily in its technology and workforce. Technological advancements are the cornerstone of our continuous improvement programs and quality assurance strategies. We employ state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce the finest end products possible.

Our design and prototyping capabilities are supported with Gibbs Cam, CAD/CAM software with solid model importing capabilities, which is constantly updated with the latest versions available.

We are also equipped with a job-based manufacturing ERP system with “real time” shop floor control, job scheduling, quoting, and purchasing, bar coded data collection and labeling, performance analytics, AutoCAD integration, routers, quality control, inventory, shipping and more.

This enables us to effectively control all aspects of shop activity, while simultaneously helping us enhance quality, reduce lead times and improve delivery. We always anticipate our customers’ needs and use technology to exceed all expectations throughout every stage of production.

Our People


We firmly believe that our technology is only as good as the people utilizing it. Our dedicated workforce includes some of the most talented manufacturing engineers in the industry. Recognizing that our people are by far our greatest asset, we provide them with “best-in class” training, facilities, and benefits. Our track record speaks for itself as our very first employees remain with us today.


You’ll notice that there are not a lot of pictures of sample parts on our site or a long list of customer names. This is because we work on a lot of projects that are restricted by non-disclosure agreements. We can engage in a mutual non-disclosure agreement with you so that your designs and trade secrets are kept protected and confidential.


We’re dedicated to giving you the best quality and service possible. And we’ll prove it. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll do our best to correct the problem; Fast and free.

“Trusted By Industry Leaders”Contact us to get your free quote today. We always have an open spindle for your next project.

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