Ultra-Precision Multi-Function CNC Machining

Ultra-Precision Multi-Function CNC Machining

In today’s world of hyper-efficiency and lean supply chains, there is no room for downtime. At Advanced Industries Inc., we work with some the most demanding customers whose high precision and deadline driven requirements can strain the limits of the most robust manufacturing operations. Servicing these customers requires more than Lean methodologies, it also requires state of the art equipment that is designed for these modern requirements. By committing capital for the latest technology, we ensure that we have the most reliable and efficient capabilities possible, this equals work that is done on time, every time. An example of this can be found in our multi-function CNC machining capabilities.

Modern multi-function machining systems have the ability to mill and turn in the same cycle, but that is just the beginning of their overall capabilities. The ability to mill and turn combined with live tooling that includes up to 48 tool stations makes complex fixturing a thing of the past. This is a twin-spindle machining system that features up to 9-axis of machining with milling and turning capabilities in both turrets. A Y-Axis function is also possible and allows for milling above centerline. In addition, the machining of flats or contours on the periphery of the work piece can easily programmed. Overall cycle times are further reduced through rapid traverse rates and high spindle speeds. Other aspects that enhance productivity include the ability to automatically transfer parts from spindle to spindle and high-pressure coolant that increases consistency, tolerances, and tool life. Automation also plays a key role in productivity; these capabilities are provided through bar feeders and automatic part ejectors.

In a single set up, these systems have the ability to complete the greatest amount of primary and secondary machining operations with unparalleled precision, speed and consistency.

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