QualityAt Advanced Industries Inc. quality is built into every detail we manufacture. Our AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 quality system is designed to detect and prevent non-conformances throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, NOT just in Final Inspection when delivery could possibly be jeopardized.

Our commitment to manufacturing tight tolerances requires us to employ rigorous in-process quality controls. Our team of experienced manufacturing and quality technicians and CNC operators are committed to developing controlled manufacturing processes that yield repeatable verifiable results.

Dimensional accuracy is monitored at each operation. Our inspection process includes First Article Inspections performed by our Quality Department at every critical operation along with documented and controlled In-Process-Inspection performed by our CNC operators. Final Inspection performed by our Quality Department is then a redundant verification for customer assurance. These processes are designed in a way to maximize work time efficiency, increase your products conformity to quality and minimize the opportunity for human error. By any statistical measure, Advanced Industries, Inc. meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries.

QualityAt Advanced Industries every part we manufacture is traceable throughout product realization and thru delivery. Each customer’s requirements are reviewed prior to shipment to insure that parts arrive at their facility on time and exactly to specification. We provide a level of quality that surpasses our customers’ expectations while enhancing their position in the marketplace.

Due to the intricate work that we perform, it requires a high percentage of the parts we manufacture to be “perfect”. This superior quality relies on the wealth of expertise acquired by each of our talented machinists and programmers. In addition to our expertise, we use only the best precision tools and gages to insure your product is created efficiently and precise by using measuring equipment with very close tolerance capability.

All measuring equipment used to inspect product at Advanced Industries are subject to our documented measurement calibration program, further proof that at Advanced Industries we are able to get the job done right the first time.