Ultra Precision CNC Turning

Ultra-Precision CNC Turning

At Advanced Industries Inc., we specialize in ultra-precision CNC turning services that deliver fast, accurate, and extremely reliable results. Our facility is staffed by some of the best and most seasoned machinists in the industry, operating a range of advanced, high-precision CNC lathes.

We are committed to utilizing innovative machining techniques and the latest technology to ensure the tightest tolerances, the shortest cycle times, and the most economical production possible.

The capabilities of our CNC turning department is constantly evolving. We currently utilize a number of 2-axis CNC lathes as well as a 4-axis lathe with pinch turning capability. We also operate state-of-the-art multi-spindle 8- and 9-axis CNC lathes that are capable of turning both ends of the work piece. These systems utilize an innovative automated process that transfers the part from spindle to spindle, allowing for complete machining in a single cycle. In addition, many of our lathes are also equipped with live tooling, enabling us to perform both milling and turning operations on a single CNC lathe. This integration of milling and turning allows us to complete work with complex geometries, on a diverse array of materials, and in most instances in a single setup. For our customers this means unsurpassed precision, reduced costs, and faster turnaround.

To ensure that our services meet and exceed all specifications, all of our manufacturing capabilities are backed up by a robust quality control system. This includes first-piece, in-process, and final inspection, as well as the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC). For our staff, quality and scrap reduction is more than a process; it’s part of our culture and affects every aspect of our operation.

To learn how working with an industry leader in CNC machining can drive up quality, and drive out cost in your next precision machining project, contact us directly.

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At Advanced Industries we are able to get the job done right the first time. We provide a level of quality that surpasses our customers’ expectations while enhancing their position in the marketplace.

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Advanced Industries Inc. is proud of its modern facilities and Equipment. Machining intricate high-precision, close tolerance parts on sophisticated CNC metalworking machinery is best performed in a clean and temperature controlled environment.

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