Torque Handles for the Orthopedic Industry

At Advanced Industries Inc., we are a certified manufacturer of quality components for the medical industry. We produced the torque handle highlighted here of for use in an orthopedic application. With our latest technology equipment, sophisticated programming tools, and advanced technical capabilities, we provided products that met strict industry quality standards.

Our 9-axis, multi-function turning center, driven by the powerful features of CAM software, was the key piece of equipment we used for this project. Leveraging this turning center’s broad scope of machining functions, we were able to produce this part complete in a single operation. The flexibility of our shop operations allowed us to handle this project on a priority basis and shift work over to other equipment in order to meet a two-week deadline.

Constructed from 6061 aluminum, the torque handle featured overall dimensions of 1.5” in diameter x 6.5” in length. By harnessing the full range of this machine’s power and its precision control systems, we upheld extremely close tolerances of ±.0002”, per the client specification. Our quality control process involved first piece, in-process, and final inspection of all workpieces. We used advanced metrology tools and precisely calibrated gauges to perform and document quality analytics.

This custom torque handle features superior quality, robust construction. The efficiency of our machining operations allowed us to provide the customer with attractive pricing within their budget parameters. We have developed a long-term relationship with this medical manufacturer by providing them with all of the essential elements that a good supplier provides – quality products, attention to detail with packaging and shipping, responsive customer service, and on-time delivery.

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Capabilities Applied / Processes

Program using Gibbs Cam 3D Software

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Okuma Mac Turn 250-W CNC (9 Axis)

Overall Part Dimensions

1-1/2” DIA. x. 6.50 “

Tightest Tolerances

.1177 DIA. +/- .0002

Material Used

6061 Aluminum

Material Finish


Industry for Use


In Process Testing / Inspection Performed

First Piece, In Process Inspection and Final Inspection performed. Gages Used: Micrometers, Calipers, Optical Comparator, Gage Pins, Height Gage, Zeiss CMM


50 pcs.

Delivery / Turnaround Time

2 Weeks

Standards Met

ISO 13485