Ultra-Precision CNC Milling

Ultra-Precision CNC Milling

For ultra-precision milling services the name Advanced Industries Inc. is well known as a go-to source for quality, value, and world-class machining expertise. Our reputation is built on a dedication to providing our customers with access to the most advanced machining capabilities available, by some of the best machinists in the industry.

We operate over 15 CNC milling centers that are equipped with the most advanced features and options available. With these tools, we can develop innovative solutions simplifying the most complex project requirements. We also have the ability to fabricate all of our own tooling and fixtures in-house. This gives us total control over production, further enhancing our ability to provide a faster turnaround and responsive customer service.

However, this is only a small part of our overall commitment to efficiency. Some of the process enhancing options our equipment is equipped with include hydraulically actuated clamping, that allows for superfast and accurate loading and unloading of parts. Many of our machining systems utilize automatic gauging and spindle probes, which minimize the use of complex fixtures and the need for operators to use manual dial indicators. This speeds overall production and cycle times, eliminating the chance of human error. Additionally, many of our machining systems are NURBS capable, which brings a high level of efficiency, significantly decreasing cycle time. In fact, CNC mills that utilize NURBS can achieve high precision finishes in half the time of standard systems. This is especially important for complex geometries, or large diameter variations, eliminating the need for grinding and polishing.

Another cutting edge feature we utilize is thermal deformation compensation (TDC); this provides unrivaled dimensional stability over long, continuous runs. By compensating for the natural thermal cycles of the milling process, TDC eliminates all of the waiting and manual adjustments normally required to cut sub-micron surfaces.

This dedication to utilizing the most advanced and innovative machining processes has spawned a new tool of our own design. Our CNC mills utilize our patented KoolBlast coolant through tool holder system. The KoolBlast tool holder is engineered to direct the optimal coolant volume, concentration, and velocity towards the cutter. It utilizes multiple coolant ports and orifices that are designed to maintain maximum coolant coverage regardless of RPM.

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Advanced Industries Inc. is proud of its modern facilities and Equipment. Machining intricate high-precision, close tolerance parts on sophisticated CNC metalworking machinery is best performed in a clean and temperature controlled environment.

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